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┬ź You cannot miss the most beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro ┬╗

┬ź You cannot miss the most beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro ┬╗

┬ź You cannot miss the most beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro ┬╗

Go to the Jardim Oc├ęanico metro station (exit B)

Visit to the most beautiful beaches of Rio

An exceptional day entirely dedicated to the most beautiful beaches of Rio. The swimsuit is mandatory, and especially the sun cream and the hat to protect from the sun. This day like no other begins with the beach of Barra da Tijuca and more specifically the Pepê's beach. It then continues to the Reserve which is an extension between Barra da Tijuca and Recreio dos Bandeirantes. New stop at the post 12 with a small hike of 30 minutes to the Pontal's Stone. The day ends in beauty with the beaches Prainha and Grumari.

The beaches are one of the reasons that make Rio such an attractive destination. The blue sea, offers a refreshing swim, ideal for renewing your energy. These beaches embellish a city that sometimes merges with the buildings and is the best option for hot days.

Visit to the most beautiful beaches of Rio

The Barra da Tijuca's Beach

The Barra da Tijuca's beach is very long and very frequented by those who love sea sports. Its length is almost 18 km, it is the largest beach of Rio de Janeiro. Very popular for water sports, the beach offers strong waves. The most popular part to the youth is a small section called Pepê's Beach, after station 2. In the afternoon, as the wind blows stronger, this is where that ski-surfers are going to invade the sea.

Visit to the most beautiful beaches of Rio

Praia da Reserva

The beach of the reserve (Praia da reserva) is located between the beach of Barra da Tijuca and the beach of Recreio, having received this name because it is located in an ecological reserve.

Mainly characterized by clear water and for its soft sand, the beach also has kiosks in all its extension. Arriving at the beginning of Recreio, one can find well decorated kiosks, which can receive a lot of people and animated by musicians on weekends, with an excellent restaurant menu.

For those who want to enjoy the sun, this beach is very large and it is ideal for those looking for a beach with the greatest tranquility, in the city of Rio de Janeiro. It is a point of many famous personalities who want to keep their lives private. Beware of paparazzi !

Where is the beach of the reserve ?

From Barra beach; just after station 8 is the beach of the reserve. From Recreio; in the other direction, the beach of the reserve starts right after station 9.

There is no bus that reach the beach. The best way to reach the beach is to take a bus to Alfa Barra for a drive on the side of Barra. Otherwise take a UBER that works very well in Brazil and is much cheaper than a taxi %.

Surf Point

The beach is beautiful. Without any building in front of and behind a vegetation that is an ecological reserve. For those who love surfing, the beach offers good waves, especially at a point known as "Laje da Reserva".

Praia do Secreto (The Secret Beach) - Rio

Paradise hidden between the rocky coast and the sea.

Praia do Secreto (the secret beach) is actually a natural pool because it does not have a sand band. The variation of the tide is very low and in some places the depth does not cover the foot.

It measures 12 meters long by 5 meters wide. Can you imagine 50 people there on a Sunday?

Access is made by a path on Avenida Estado da Guanabara just after Macumba Beach to Recreio. It is located between Macumba's beach and Prainha. It does not pass a bus to this place and therefore it is accessible only by car or bike, or on foot.

In just five minutes, you can get there by going down a rock wall 15 meters high, or crossing a stretch of sea between rocks and waves. The dike is so steep that you have to pay close attention.

During the week, it's easier to find "fewer people". To go see this paradise, the best is to park at the end of the beach of Recreio and walk a little bit. Good swim !

Visit to the most beautiful beaches of Rio


It is only 150 meters long and has little infrastructure (no access by public transport, limited parking spaces for cars, only two kiosks), but Prainha is so beautiful that it's worth it. True natural sanctuary, the beach is located in the western area of Rio de Janeiro, in the region Recreio dos Bandeirantes.

It is protected by two hills of the Atlantic forest, and has some of the best waves in the city for surfing and an incredibly blue sea. Use and abuse the watchtower. Visit it in person and discover why it is considered one of the best beaches in Rio de Janeiro.

Visit to the most beautiful beaches of Rio

Praia de Grumari

In the same area of environmental protection of Prainha, Grumari is a much larger beach - almost 3 km wide - but with nature conserved. It is surrounded by cliffs and hills with the forest of Restinga, which offers a spectacular contrast with the super-blue and clear sea.

The sea, it is said, adored by surfers, who are sunk in waves that reach ten feet high. They are the ones who fill the beach on weekends - because of them, it can be a bit of a hassle.

Additional tip: In the left corner is the beach of Abric├│, frequented by naturists. (This is for me the most beautiful beach in Rio de Janeiro - it can be compared to Seychelles).

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