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┬ź Discover the Tijuca Forest ┬╗

┬ź Discover the Tijuca Forest ┬╗

┬ź Discover the Tijuca Forest ┬╗

Go to the Jardim Oc├ęanico metro station (exit B)

Hiking to Pedra Bonita

This is the place that offers the most adventure sport options and the best views in Rio de Janeiro. The trekking in Pedra Bonita and the free hang gliding are the most famous in the world.

  • Duration : 9 am - 2 pm
  • Difficulty: slight
  • Physical condition: slight
  • Orientation : easy
  • Attraction: seen on the Pedra da G´┐Żvea and western region of Rio

Hiking to Pedra Bonita

Pedra Bonita

The "Pedra Bonita" is in front of the rock formation that has given glory to the "Pedra da Gavea", known as the Emperor's Chief. The face that seems carved into the rock, looks like the Pedra Bonita and, according to one of the most widespread legends in the folklore "Carioca".

At the "Pedra Bonita" there is a free flight ramp, from where the hang gliders and paragliders land on Pepino beach, 693 meters lower, in what is considered one of the most beautiful flights in the world. The path of the ramp is very used and leads the practitioners of free flight and curious to the ramp of jumps. Below the free flight path, there is a platform to watch the jumps.

The road to La Pedra Bonita is well marked and not very steep, considered easily accessible. The start of the hike begins near the parking of the free flight ramp, it takes 60 minutes of quiet walking to get to the top.

Also known as Pedra Aguda, it stands out among the mountains of the Park for its sharp form, and has an unobstructed view of the beach of "Sao Conrado". With about 10 climbing routes, the "Agulhinha" is faster to access the "Pedra da Gavea", because access is easy. The hike begins near the free flight ramp of "Pedra Bonita". The beauty of the place, "Agulhinha" is a great option for those who want to climb for the first time in the Tijuca National Park.

What's included

  • Transport In/Out PNT
  • Hiking Pedra Bonita (Tijuca Forest)
  • English speaking guide
  • Photos Service

What's not included

  • Lunch