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«Discover Búzios»

«Discover Búzios»

«Discover Búzios»

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Visite to Búzios

It is always best when you go to Buzios to plan to sleep there, because the charm of the Rua das Pedra and its illuminated visual of the seaside at night and unequaled of beauty. However for people, who have less time and want to discover the beauty of this little paradise and enjoy the beaches, a visit on a day will be a minimum.

Program of the day

  • Transfers In / Out Rio x Búzios - 6 am arrived 9 am - 5 pm arrived 8 pm
  • Visit of the most beautiful beach, hiking d'Olho de Boi, Ruas das Pedras, Orla Bardot - 10h 16h

The most coveted destination in the Great Lakes region is Búzios. Búzios goes beyond natural beauty, worthy of a postcard. Included in the jet set card since the 60's, after a visit by French actress Brigitte Bardot. The old fishing village is home to sophisticated restaurants and hotels, discos and funky bars, and luxury shops and boutiques. Búzios receives tourists from all over the world throughout the year and many end up not wanting to leave.

The resort has about twenty beaches, each with its own style. The beach of Geribá, for example, is the territory of surfers so much that the beach Azedinha with a calm sea and the beach of Ferradura attract families with their children.

Buzios is also famous for its night from the Rua das Pedras and extends to the Orla Bardot, as well with restaurants, bars, music and hectic for everyone, especially in summer and days holidays.

Visite to Búzios

Buzios is a little paradise

Just take a quick look at the photos, to understand that Búzios is a little paradise. In this little corner of Rio everything conspires against monotony. During the day, activities are done on the many beaches, most beautiful of each other. So much so, that the evening Búzios becomes, this illuminated little jewel, which makes everyone dream. The stone street (rua das Pedras) becomes the attraction and a great frenzy. All seem finally to stop at once when ringing the 12 strokes of midnight. Like cinderella, everyone comes home to sleep and prepare for a new day tomorrow.

Visite to Búzios

The most beautiful beaches of Búzios

Calm waters for families with children and for divers and SUP (Stand Up Paddle). Beaches and wind for surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers. And even deserted beaches for nudists.

Búzios is for everyone! Diversity is the word that best describes this seaside resort so close to Rio de Janeiro, there is only 2 hours by car (no traffic outside the holidays). There are 23 beaches in the small peninsula.

Visite to Búzios

Beach of Olho de Boi

The order here is to undress and enjoy nature. Its main visitors are naturists or curious people who wish to live this experience for the first time. One of the wildest beaches of Búzios, the Olho Beach of Boia with very white sand, rough seas and many rocks. It's a little paradise, but its access is not easy. To get there, you must arrive at Brava Beach and take a trail down the hill from the right corner. The hike takes about 30 minutes to walk under the strong sun. Take some water and a snack in the backpack. Book your hotel in Brava.

What's included

  • Transfers In / Out Rio x Búzios - 6 am arrived 9 am - 4 pm arrived 7 pm
  • English speaking guide
  • Visit of Búzios - 10h 17h
  • Photos Service

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Food