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┬źDiscover Ilha Grande┬╗

┬źDiscover Ilha Grande┬╗

┬źDiscover Ilha Grande┬╗

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Visite to Ilha Grande

Visits in general, come from the village of Abra├úo, but it is also planned for those staying in Ara├žatiba. The boats are scheduled to leave at 10 am, return at 5 pm The boats offer coolers with ice cubes so that tourists can bring their own drink. The tour offers a stop for lunch, usually late morning. It is difficult to predict the restaurant or the beach where you will be for lunch. All in all, these are the seaside restaurants with choices of varied dishes, but always with a large amount of seafood. The prices are reasonable, but it is advisable to bring a snack if you want to cut at a feeling of hunger during the day.

Program of the day

  • Transfers In / Out Rio x Ilha Grande - 6 am arrived 9 am - 5 pm arrived 8 pm
  • Transfer to fast lane In / Out Jaquarei in Concei├ž├úo x Ilha Grande (duration 15 ')
  • Boat trip (schooners) Lagoa Azul ... - 10 h 30 16 h
  • Hike Dois Rios - 9 am 2 pm (Option)

Visite to Ilha Grande

Boat trip (Saveiro) Lagoa Azul ...

In the middle of a small archipelago, the Lagoa Azul enchants by its tone of water. The natural pool is similar to the Caribbean colors and makes it a unique place, it has become the favorite place for visitors to dive and also simply to enjoy a swim. It is a place of the most common for those who visit the big island. Certainly, a must-read script, especially with the visit to Verde Lagoon.

The islands that form a protective barrier in Lagao Azul are the islands of Macaco, Comprida and Redonda. The most common way to get to know the site is by boat or schooner, but the site is also accessible by the T3 hike.

The Lagoa Azul is part of the island's half-roads, the Lagoa Azul and the Angra Islands, are common for Ilha Grande tourism. The average commute time (which includes other steps) is 6 hours, with a stopping time on each island or on the beach. It is also common to stop for lunch in the restaurant chosen by the tour company.

Visite to Ilha Grande

Hiking Ilha Grande - T14 - Abra├úo ÔÇô Dois Rios

Calm waters for families with children and for divers and SUP (Stand Up Paddle). Beaches and wind for surfers, kitesurfers and windsurfers. And even deserted beaches for nudists.

  • Distance: 8.2 km (one way)
  • Level: high ascents and descents
  • Physical condition: heavy
  • Duration: 2 h 20 (one way)
  • Orientation: easy
  • Attractions: watchtowers, beach, rivers, natural pools, wild animals, prison ruins, museums, center for studies and sustainable development (CEADS), bar

Visite to B├║zios

Beach of Olho de Boi

During the walk, there are some fountains to refresh you however the animals also use them. Take a flashlight, water, a snack, a repellent, a sunscreen. Only, in Dois Rios, there is a bar and a restaurant serving meals. There are no hostels or campgrounds.

In addition to the beautiful beach, in each corner, flows a river, which before jumping into the sea, forms spectacular pools.

What's included

  • Transfers In / Out Rio x Ilha Grande - 6 hours arrived 9 am - 5 pm arrived 8 pm
  • Boat trip (Saveiro) Lagoa Azul ... - 10 h 30 16 h
  • Hike Dois Rios - 9 am 2 pm (Option)
  • French speaking guide service
  • Photos Service

What's not included

  • H├ębergements - Accommodations - except on request if you stay one night or more
  • Food