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« Discover the Tijuca Forest »

« Discover the Tijuca Forest »

« Discover the Tijuca Forest »

Go to the Jardim Océanico metro station (exit B)

Hiking Pedra da Gávea (Tijuca Forest)

Trekking or hiking at Pedra da G�vea, is the hardest trail of all the hikes in Rio. The rest next, is incomparable. The physical difficulty is that after only the first 30 to 45 minutes we are mostly tourists who are returning down, even before reaching the top. Walking through the tree roots with a significant elevation, quickly exhausts the walkers. Only those who will have courage to face all the tests will be able to cross and cover the end of this hike.

  • Duration: 9 am - 2 pm
  • Difficulty: high
  • Physical condition: high
  • Orientation: moderate
  • Attraction: view of the main mountains of the city of Rio de Janeiro

After two hours of intensive marches, we arrive at a small more technical part. It will be necessary to use the feet and the hands to climb this rock. Often, guides go early in the morning and leave ropes, which makes it easier to get on and off. But do not panic, this part of climbing and feasible for everyone. Once climbed, the hardest part has been done, there is little left to go, but always with a good inclination, so the effort is not easy. Only when you reach the top, that you can really rest and enjoy the view. The view is amazing. We almost want to camp on the spot and not to go down again.

Hiking Pedra da Gávea (Tijuca Forest)

Pedra da Gávea

The "Pedra da Gávea" is one of the most famous rock formations of Rio de Janeiro and the most admired adventure of the city. The "Pedra da Gavea" is the largest block of rock by the sea in the world. From the top of its 842 meters it is possible to see the main mountains of the city of Rio de Janeiro, in addition to the bay of " Guanabara, Ipanema, Leblon, Sao Conrado, Barra Tijuca "and the mountainous region.

On the track of the traditional challenges of the "Pedra da Gávea" it takes about two hours and a half to walk it and there is a difficult level of the climbing part called "Carrasqueira". The walk is steep and presents several natural obstacles that we must overcome. In this part of "Carrasqueira" it is not necessary to have experience.

This hike takes place in Sector C of Tijuca National Park, which means that we are inside the Rio Rainforest. We have great opportunities to find wild animals during the course. Remember that the weather is hot and humid, which makes the trek of the "Pedra da Gávea" an excellent exercise.

If you want to make this hike, you need a guide. Knowing the places perfectly, I would be happy to accompany you safely.

What's included

  • Transport In/Out PNT
  • Hiking Pedra da Gávea
  • English speaking guide
  • Photos Service

What's not included

  • Lunch