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┬źDiscover the forest of Tijuca┬╗

┬źDiscover the forest of Tijuca┬╗

┬źDiscover the forest of Tijuca┬╗

Go to the Jardim Oc├ęanico metro (exit B)

Hiking Cachoeira das Almas (Tijuca Forest)

Short hike in the Tijuca Park, ideal for people who like to walk, but not too much, this tour is perfect.

  • Duration: 9 am - 2 pm
  • Difficulty: light
  • Physical condition: light
  • Orientation: moderate
  • Attraction: Cachoeira das Almas

A Trilha dos Estudantes

"A Trilha dos Estudantes": it's easy to access, locomotion and orientation. As its name suggests, it is designed for educational use that can be achieved by children. Road signs along the way provide information and curiosities about the flora of the Tijuca National Park. During the walk, visitors can contemplate different attractions of the park. At the beginning of the track, going up the "Rio Tijuca", there is the "Cascatinha Taunay". A little further, you come across benches that were discovered in the nineteenth century. After that, visitors will find the graceful "Capela Mayrink". Finally, visitors can see the permanent exhibition "a forest in the metropolis" at the Visitor Center, the final destination of the track.

Hiking Cachoeira das Almas (Tijuca Forest)

Cascatinha Taunay

In 1860, the engineer Job Alcântara was salacious by the imperial government to build the beautiful stone bridge in the shape of a Roman arch, which is opposed to the "Cascatinha Taunay". The highest waterfall of the PNT is formed by the waterfall "Rio Tijuca, Rio Conde" and other tributaries. In 1817, the artist Nicolas Antoine Taunay built a small house near the Cascatinha and enchanted, he immortalized the beauty of the waterfall in his paintings. He became the great host of the forest, organizing meetings for the court. The Taunay house was demolished in 1946. The site was built the restaurant "Cascatinha".

Hiking Cachoeira das Almas (Tijuca Forest)

Capela Mayrink

Located in the middle of the forest, the pink color enchants visitors to the Tijuca Park. It was built in 1855 by Viscount Antonio Souto Alves, owner of Fazenda Boa Vista. At first, she received the name of Our Lady of Bethlehem; in 1896, it was renamed Mayrink Chapel after the area was sold to Councilor Francisco de Paula Mayrink. The painter has made four paintings for the chapel entitled "Notre-Dame-du-Mont-Carmel with baby Jesus on his lap", "Saint-Simon", "Saint-John of the Cross"; and "Purgatory". Today, the originals are in the custody of the National Museum of Fine Arts. The Mayrink Chapel is near the Visitor Center.

Recanto dos Pintores

A good leisure tip is the painters' corner (Recanto dos Pintores), a space with toys, ponds and a picnic and barbecue area. There are toilets, water and parking near the site, which is in front of the reception center. At the end of 2013, the space underwent a revitalization that enhanced the infrastructure to accommodate visitors with more comfort and convenience.

Lago do Thai Chi

Small space as the name suggests to practice quietly Thaï Chi, meditation ... Lago Thai Chi is 327 meters taking a small hike just from the "Recando dos Peintores". It is important when you arrive on this place, to remain silent, or not to scream so as not to annoy the followers.

Hiking Cachoeira das Almas (Tijuca Forest)

Cachoeira das Almas

The only waterfall or bath is allowed in this area, "Cachoeira das Almas" is located approximately three kilometers from the gate of the park. The track, which has most of the flat path, starts near the visitor center and follows along the "Cachoeira das Almas". The name comes from the time of slaves, it was a place to worship their religion.

Lago das Fadas

The "Lago das Fadas" name given by the second administrator of the forest, the Baron Escragnolle, he had a unique landscape of Glaziou and is located in an old pond that was dammed and restored by the architect Wladimir Alves de Souza in 1944.

Hiking Cachoeira das Almas (Tijuca Forest)

A Cascata Gabriela

"A Cascata Gabriela": trail called "Caminho da Saudade". Importantly, bathing is not allowed on site.
"Cascata Gabriela" is one of the most charming places in the Tijuca National Park. Dazzled by the beauty of the waterfall, Baron's sister of "Escragnolle Gabriela Herm├şnia", was one of the local inhabitants. To honor his sister, the Baron has named the "Cascata Gabriela".

What's included

  • Transport In/Out PNT
  • Hiking Paineiras x Corcovado
  • English speaking guide
  • Photos Service

What's not included

  • Food